Within Villa Soludden’s 27 corners

You’ll find almost unlimited possibilities.

The building was designed by the Finnish architect Reijo Hillberg and is typified by the contrast between openness and enclosed space. Materials such as wood, soapstone and glass give the building character, but at the same time ensure that it blends in carefully with the beautiful archipelago surroundings.


Here, you’ll find everything required for a successful conference, important business meeting, smooth kick-off, dream wedding, pleasant party, and much more – all in an environment that could easily have come from a dream.


Follow the sun’s slow descent into the sea from our lounge bar on the jetty, let your ideas run free in our relax room, sweat in the sauna or cool off in the plunge pool. And if pulses need to rise, we can help arrange activities that allow you to enjoy the forest and sea right outside our door.

Room for endless happiness

An impressive 80 people can sit down and enjoy dinner indoors, while during the summer, another 100 can eat just as well on our beautiful, stylish jetty. Cocktail party, vernissage or mingle? At Villa Soludden, you’ll find room for 170 guests indoors and during the summer almost twice as many can enjoy the moment and the archipelago outdoors. Within our walls, there is room for endless happiness, so why not get married with the bay as your witness? We dare to promise that your marriage can’t get off to a better start.

Book a better experience.

Welcome to Villa Soludden. We have the beautiful facilities, magical surroundings and wonderful ideas that can help you achieve your wishes – naturally and quite exclusively. We want to make every visit to Villa Soludden unique. That’s why we offer experiences based around your wishes.

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